Hi! I’m Pedro Coelho and this is my presence on the web.


I’m a software engineer, and I focus my work around delivering great quality software products, while keeping requirements lean and the pace quick, in a non-compromising way. It’s a balance I strive to pursue.

I’m currently the Principal Lead Engineer of the EMEA Machine Learning team at Zendesk.

Prior I was running Cleverly AI, a company I co-founded, where I was building a compelling and performant AI product, and an engineering organization from scratch as the CTO. Cleverly was revered by its customers, receiving high praise of the efficiency gains the product brought to their customer experience organizations. The Cleverly team was highly respected, due to their efficiency, and the care and attention to detail they poured on the product and on fine tuning some parameters. The company was acquired by Zendesk on August 2021, bringing in the technology and the team to Zendesk’s platform.

I was one of the first engineers at Talkdesk, and took ownership of infrastructure and productivity operations. I was with the company for almost 4 years, helping them scale from 10,000 calls per day to around 500,000.

Other stints include a very productive season with Beyond Pricing, which at the time was a small but very efficient startup doing dynamic pricing for vacation rentals; Gruvi, where I’ve helped deploying interactive ads for AAA movies to millions using Facebook as a medium; and the Fraunhofer AICOS institute, where I’ve started my carreer, but as a researcher back then.


I enjoy cooking, almost as much as I enjoy eating. Being spoiled from a young age with a family with quite a cooking culture I saw myself forced to improve my methods once I moved out from my parents. Most of my cooking revolves around Portuguese and French cuisines, but my eating habits are way more diverse. I’m an everyday cooker as well, so efficiency and cleanliness in the kitchen are important disciplines for me, leading me to improve my technique every day.

I am a motorcyclist. I currently ride a Yamaha XSR 700, mostly recreatively as the pandemic forces us to commute from the bedroom to the living room, a daily movement which hardly needs the aid of a motorised vehicle. I ride on the road almost exclusively, and the occasional weekend ride is my meditation exercise.

I also take much pleasure from walking in nature. Botany fascinates me, with all it’s shades of green, and spotting different species of trees and bushes is a great way of spending a relaxing afternoon in the woods.

Lastly, I still like hacking and messing around with computers outside my daily job. When working in personal projects, I try to keep things fresh and try to use technologies outside the realm of work, so less Ruby and Python, and more Clojure and Rust.