Hi! I’m Pedro Coelho, a software engineer, and an entrepreneur. I focus my work around delivering great quality software products.


Currently the Director of Machine Learning Engineering at Zendesk.

Co-founded Cleverly AI, a compelling and performant AI product for CX. Cleverly was revered by its customers, receiving high praise of the value the product brought their customer experience organisations. The Cleverly team was highly respected, due to their care and dedication to detail. Cleverly was acquired by Zendesk in August 2021, and the team has been working hard on bringing in the technology and the culture ever since.

Was one of the first engineers at Talkdesk, and eventually took ownership of infrastructure and productivity operations. I was with the company for almost 4 years, helping them scale from 10,000 to around 500,000 daily calls.

Other ventures include a very productive season with Beyond Pricing, a very efficient startup doing dynamic pricing for vacation rentals; Gruvi, doing interactive ads for AAA movies to millions of people using Facebook as a medium; and the Fraunhofer AICOS institute, where I’ve started my career.


Cooking, both on the daily and recreationally. The focus on other senses like smell, taste and texture gets my mind off the day-to-day, being different senses than the ones I usually abuse.

Riding my 2016 Yamaha XSR700 whenever I have the chance. I call it “meditation by parallel twin cross-plane engine”.

Nerding out and experimenting with software, of course.